Our Collective Impact Total CO2 Emissions Avoided 2,283,639,248 lbs Number of Trees Planted 24,562,737 Gallons of Gas Avoided 10,752,784,0
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Make a significant and measurable impact on the environment and our nation’s economy every day by choosing affordable, responsible energy from Viridian. Please let me know how I can help!
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With Viridian, you have two options. Our Everyday Green product delivers 50% renewable energy in addition to state standards, while our Pure Green option ensures your electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, making an even greater environmental impact. By switching to Viridian for only one year, your personal impact will be:

Avoiding carbon emissions by pounds
sequestered by
tree seedlings grown for 10 years
CO2 emissions avoided by not consuming gallons of gasoline!
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